A walk through some Irish gardens

Take a stroll through five iconic gardens in the south-east of Ireland that could form the basis of a gardens visit to the region, looking at their history, development and present standing.

Smaller trees and the modern garden

As the size of gardens continues to reduce and the function of the garden changes, we take a look at a selection of trees more suitable for today’s more confined planting areas.

The year round shrub garden

Taking a look, season by season, at a selection of less commonly grown shrubs along with a number of familiar favourites for all sizes and style of garden.

The travels and discoveries of Père Armand David

Follow the exploits and legacy of the French Lazarist missionary and naturalist extraordinaire, who left his own indelible mark as well as helping to pave the way for subsequent plant collectors in China.

The journeys and plant collections of William Lobb

Following the trail of William Lobb who between 1840 and 1860 undertook four plant collecting trips for the nursery of Messrs Veitch & Sons, introducing an extensive range and number of what are now established garden plants today.

Notable gardens of Cornwall and the south west of England

An overview of a dozen varied but significant gardens of the horticulturally rich counties of Cornwall, Devon and Somerset.